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How the Program Works

10-15 Hours

Means you can get ready for a new career without quitting your current commitments

Your Schedule

A flexible bootcamp program means you can set your own schedule to fit your life.

Job Guarantee

Receive career coaching to help you find a job within 6 months.

1-on-1 Coaching

Weekly, one-on-one sessions with Renowned Expert Coaches

Real World Learning

Complete Group Projects and Sales Competitions with Practitioners from leading companies .

Diverse Payment Options

Get access to Self-pay, Scholarships, Crowd Funding, Financing, Grant, Installment Tuition, Income Sharing.


Artt Sobczak

Program Author & Sales Expert


  • Basis of the Trade
  • Psychology of Selling
  • CRM and Sales Tools
  • Sales Development Framework & Prospecting
  • Social Selling, Lead Generation
  • Calling & Preparing your pitch
  • Sales Presentations
  • Communication
  • Outbound Strategy
  • Objection Handling
  • Sealing the Deal
  • Smart Goal
  • Forecasting
TAGS: Sales Psychology CRM, Sales Tools Social Selling Pitch Communication Objection Handling Outbound Strategy Closing the Deal


Roderick Jefferson

Star Coach


  • Customer Success 101
  • Developing Success Plans
  • Successful Relationship Management
  • Handling Difficult Customers
  • Goal Setting
  • Handling Customer Feedback
  • Cross sell/Up Sell Opportunities
  • Develop an Engagement Model
  • Increasing Retention
  • Identifying and Synthesizing Problems
  • Approach to Problem Solving
  • Winning Customer Loyalty
TAGS: Customer Loyalty Retention Customer Feedback Difficult Customers Communication Problem Solving Relationship Management
AUTHOR: Roderick Jefferson COURSE TYPE: VILT/Self-paced DURATION: 6 MONTHS

Industry Expert Coaches


Art Sobczak

Sales Professional

For over 29 years, Art Sobczak, President of Business By Phone Inc., has specialized in one area only: authoring, designing and delivering content-rich inside sales training and cold calling training programs and resources that business-to-business salespeople begin showing results from the very next time they get on the phone. Audiences, customers, and readers love his “down-to-earth,” entertaining style, and low-pressure, easy-to-use, customer oriented ideas and techniques.

Coach Details

Roderick Jefferson

Customer Success

Named as a “Leading Sales Enablement Consultant” by SellingPower, Roderick Jefferson & Associates is focused on driving growth in small/mid-size companies and Fortune 500 corporations. I have been both the buyer and the seller of high technology products, sales platforms, and professional services, so he understands what will resonate with your customers.

Coach Details

Eric Lofholm

Author & Expert

Eric Lofholm has been speaking professionally about sales and success for 25 years and has authored 15 books. He’s taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world. He believes that selling equals service. He also believes in working towards mastery of the fundamentals of lead generation, appointment setting, and delivering a high quality presentation.

Coach Details

Jake Dunlap

Author & Expert

As a C-level sales leader and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience, he has developed and led high-performing sales and operational functions, specializing in building out repeatable, sustainable processes.

Coach Details

Top Student Stories from Different Programs

Tyler Pelkey

“Sean is clearly an expert with lots of hands-on real-world skills. What I love more about him is that he never holds back valuable resources and information. He encourages students in the Boot Camp to interact, ask questions and collaborate. He checked in on my progress regularly and reviewed my work as a coach.”


"I like Carlo’s approach on presenting the course material through real life situations. It’s very effective in applying and understanding the knowledge. I don't like it when instructors read from manuals. I can do that on my own. Carlos is a great coach and communicator"

Clyde Wilson

“John is a very personable and fun coach. He did a great job of providing examples from his personal experience without turning them into boastful war stories like some coaches do. He paced the communication and reviews well, and obviously had a firm grasp on the material”

Darrell Bevins

“Through this comprehensive bootcamp, I have updated my knowledge and practiced modern UX/UI Design frameworks, which will help me a lot in the current job market. Thank you Texas A&M for giving me this amazing learning experience”

Judy Dobson

"I'm a computer grad and knew the basics of web development. However, I wanted training on advanced HTML/CSS and Web Development frameworks, and the courses offered in the Texas A&M bootcamp ticked all the boxes. The interactive sessions with the instructor helped me learned exactly what I was looking for."

Scott Blair

“I chose Texas A&M's Sales Professional program since I needed a course that I could complete without appearing in a physical classroom. The Texas A&M Bootcamp laid it all out for me, letting me concentrate on learning Intensive Sales Professional in a composed and productive way. I would recommend Texas A&M”

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Texas A&M University System is a unique institution in the higher education landscape, recognized in many different ways for its combination of excellence, affordability, and ability to develop leaders of character who have an impact on the state, nation, and world. It combines the principles of practical education and outreach that are legacies of its land, sea, and space grant designations with the advanced research mission characteristic of membership in the Association of American Universities (AAU). Some of those distinguishing hallmarks include:

Learning Experience with our Bootcamp


Texas A&M Bootcamp allows you to learn Digital & Occupational skills immediately applicable in the professional sphere, while the online classes also maintain your current employment or academic activities and deliver effective learning. Texas A&M University System is the premier learning institution which offers critical skill-centric bootcamps for professionals and students alike.



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